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Bali Orchid Spa

Due to the effect of Covid19 we will be observing a change in our business hours until further notice, effect from 1st february 2021
Monday - thursday : Closed
Friday - sunday : 11.00 - 19.00


Balinese believe that body, mind and spirit work in harmony. Health and well being leads to happiness. Our massages have healing power, releasing tension, freeing tissues of toxins and improving circulation.

Reflexology Foot Massage at our SPA relieves stress from areas in the feet that are in harmony with other areas of the body and increases the rejuvenating and revitalizing powers of the whole being. Herbal, lemon, and ginger teas are natural medicines. They relax or stimulate, soothe and energize, rejuvenate and revitalize. At Bali Orchid SPA we offer the true Balinese hospitality and focus on the well being of our guests in a beautiful garden setting. Visit us and experience the joy of Balinese Holistic Care.

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Pure refreshment

1.5 Hours

Royal dream package is the best package that we offered at our Spa in UBUD. It’s only $100 USD /5 hours.

Rate USD 45
Internet Rate USD 45 Rp 1.386.000

Royal dream package

5 Hours

Royal dream package is the best package that we offered at our Spa in Nusa Dua. It’s only $100 USD /5 hours.

Rate USD 100
Internet Rate USD 100 Rp 1.386.000

Cream Bath

1 hour

Enjoy an hair wash with a wonderful scalp massage all the way to down the neck and back. Treat your hair to your choice of rejuvenating hair conditioner proper for your hair type.

Rate USD 40
Internet Rate USD 36 Rp 475.000

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